These cafes were at the heart of a bygone age and continue to be relevant to the role of coffee and the cafe in the social and cultural progress of society.

Caffe Greco, a two hundred year old caffe in the heart of Rome. 
Caffe Greco

Caffe Fiorio, a classic caffe in Turin, Italy. 
Caffe Fiorio

Caffe Gambrinus, a century old in the important coffee city of Naples. 
Caffe Gambrinus

Caffe Florian, a grand caffe in Venice, Italy since 1720.

Caffe Pedrocchi, a caffe in Padua, Italy opened in 1831.

Caffe Tommaseo, opened in 1830 in Trieste, Italy.

Caffe Platti, a caffe in Turin, Italy.

Caffe Quadri, a caffe from 1638 in Venice, Italy. 
Caffe Quadri

Caffe Giubbe Rosse, a famous Florentine caffe.

Caffe Central, a caffe in Vienna, Austria, also famous for its chocolates. 
Caffe Central

Caffe Schwarzenberg, famous for Viennese coffee in Austria.
Caffe Schwarzenberg

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La Pizza Fresca Ristorante, an authentic Italian restaurant in the famous Gramercy/Flatiron district of Manhattan.

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