"Manhattan Espresso...this espresso bar is a favorite of coffee connoisseurs. Perfectly brewed Illy espresso (confirmed by Dr. Illy himself) is served"
Daily News, Daniel Young

The City's Best Cup of Coffee Manhattan Espresso: Named No.1 About one out of every eight java junkies who entered The Great American Coffee Contest agree that Manhattan Espresso is home of the city's best cup of joe.
Our Town

"Romance languages are heard as often as English here; it's a favorite with international business people, who hone in on the Illy espresso."
Fodor's New York City 1999

"They (Manhattan Espresso) did their research by going to Italy to taste many of the over three hundred espresso coffees."
America Oggi

"Stop at Manhattan Espresso for what I think is the best espresso in New York."
Cafe Ole Magazine

The coffee and sandwiches have an Italian flavor that is always pleasant to rediscover
New York Italia Magazine

"Illy(Dr. Ernesto Illy) and I met at Manhattan Espresso, an East Side coffee bar that uses illycaffe, Illy's brand. 'Here you have skilled guys,' said Illy. 'They know how to solve the equation to make espresso.' Thirteen factors go into that equation, said Illy. 'the skill of the person is as important as the water. It is like dancing on a rope. You can fall on the left or the right."
Newsday, Sylvia Carter
"Best Cappuccino"
AVENUE Magazine

"So it's a pleasure to discover Manhattan Espresso, 146 East 49th Street, a coffee storefront, where espresso is not only brewed with the proper intensity and a thick cup of amber "crema" on top, but also served in a little china cup."
The New York Times, Florence Fabricant
"'Quality' is key ingredient."
Daily News

"Manhattan Espresso...one of few places where one can grab authentic Italian coffee in all of New York.."
Journal of Italian Food & Wine
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